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Made in America Movement


What is the Made in America Movement?

The Made in America Movement is educating consumers about the importance of buying American made. Buying American made products creates jobs in America. According to themadeinamericamovement.com, the average American spends around $700 on gifts. If half of this amount is spent on gifts made in the USA, it would create up to a million American jobs. It would help businesses focus on technology, manufacturing, high quality goods, and investment. 

The Made in America Movement was founded by Margarita Mendoza because she is passionate about manufacturing and creating more jobs in the USA. She wanted to use people’s voices and buying power to create change. The movement is to help consumers become more conscious consumers. The purpose is to educate consumers on issues like exploited workers, toxic products, and higher quality products. As more products are sourced and manufactured in the USA, it will ultimately strengthen the economy.

How do you join the movement?

The movement goal is to build a roster of voters that will be loud enough for Washington to make changes. There needs to be one million supporters to sign petitions. You can join by taking the pledge here, joining the mailing list, encouraging family and friends to join the movement, download the made in the USA grocery list on their website, becoming a business partner or patriotic supporter, or become a MAM ambassador. 

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