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Thanksgiving Day Style

Thanksgiving is just about here! Fun times with family and friends, and vast amounts of food is almost among us. Are you ready? Here is our guide to a stylish, yet comfortable Thanksgiving day outfit - Taylor Stitch has some of the best quality denim options at an affordable price. Pair their black selvedge 5 [...]

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National 'Do Something Nice Today' Day

It's about that time of year when the holiday season swiftly works its way into our life, whether we are ready or not. Holiday season should be joyful and exciting, but the reality of it adds to the list of things to do or to remember. In honor of #DoSomethingNiceToday, we suggest doing something nice for yourself [...]

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Made in America Movement

What is the Made in America Movement?The Made in America Movement is educating consumers about the importance of buying American made. Buying American made products creates jobs in America. According to themadeinamericamovement.com, the average American spends around $700 on gifts. If half of this amount is spent on gifts made in the USA, it [...]

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