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Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is just four days away and it is the perfect time to bring out those crafty skills! Many items in your wardrobe can be utilized to make a homemade costume to avoid spending a fortune on something that you will only wear once a year. You can use your basic pieces such as a plain white t-shirt or long sleeve and transform it into a certain costume or character.

Here are some Men's costume ideas we complied.

Vest and White Button Up Shirt Inspiration:


Pirate, Thor, or any other character from your favorite comic and show.

Elf inspired costume -


Red and white stripe long t-shirt, suspenders, green pants, fun socks

Mickey Mouse inspired costume -


Red pants, black sweater, white shirt, make your own black buttons

Harry Potter inspired costume-


Jeans, a navy blue or black vest, harry potter logo print out or sew in, and a striped tie

Share your brilliant, funky, or unique costume ideas with us in the comments section and have a spook-tacular Halloween!

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